a.  Aims of the course

Cover the whole chain of treatment and to unite the knowledge of general surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic trauma surgeons, intensive care, and emergency physicians to provide an interdisciplinary approach.

b.  Course Concept and Modules

c.  Core Course Content

d.  Interactive voting 

e.  Webinar sessions 

  • General considerations
    • Epidemiology
    • Prevention
    • Education
    • Definitions
  • Emergency Phase
    • Controversies in diagnostic
    • Role of emergency interventions
    • Identification patients at risk for complications
    • Triad of deaths
    • Video sessions
  • Priority of care of multiple injured patients
    • Priority in treatment in multiple trauma
    • Indication for Damage Control Surgery
    • Time point of definitive surgery
    • Decision making and criteria
  • Special problems
    • Brain injuries and polytrauma
    • Thorax Injuries and polytrauma
    • Abdominal injuries and polytrauma
    • Pelvic Injuries and polytrauma
    • Vascular Injuries and polytrauma
    • Spine Injuries and polytrauma
  • Reconstruction and Outcome
    • Bone defects
    • Soft tissue management
    • Rehabilitation and challenges
    • Outcome and quality of life