Polytrauma Course (PTC)


In 2002 the english course “Polytrauma Course” was initiated by Prof. Giannoudis and Prof. Pape. It is intended to complement the existing concepts of ATLS and DSTC.

Like the introduction of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS ®), it covers the trauma room phase of serious injuries and improves the treatment of these patients. However, the shock room phase is very complex and still controversially discussed.

Historically, it was a collaboration between  Prof. Pape, (previously University Aachen and Hannover), and the University of Leeds University (Prof. Giannoudis). Later the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (Prof. Peitzman) joined as a partner, and the course is intended to connect the knowledge of different disciplines (visceral surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and intensivists) and to improve the quality of treatment.

The Polytrauma Course introduced a quality management system and to have it externally evaluated (by 05/2014). As means of the project management, a quality management system is created and externally verified (credentials of ISO 9001: 2008/2015).

Since 2002 more than 30 international courses were held world wide. This course is endorsed by numerous surgical societies and international conferences.