Polytrauma Course (PTC)




Steering Board Members Polytrauma Course

  • Luca Fattori, (Italy)
  • Rebecca Hasler, (Switzerland)
  • Gleb Korobushkin (Russia)
  • Aitor Landaluce-Olavarria, (Spain)
  • Radko Komandina (Slovenia)
  • Diego Mariani, (Italy)
  • Thomas Müller (Switzerland)
  • Hans-Jörg Oestern (Germany)
  • Hans-Christoph Pape, (Switzerland)
  • Roman Pfeifer, (Switzerland)
  • Ruben Peralta, (Qatar)
  • François Pitance  (Belgium)
  • Hans-Peter Simmen (Switzerland)

Local Chapters

  • Africa  (Cape Town, Cairo)                                                                  (to be announced)
  • Asia (Oman, Chandigarh)                                                                    (Ruben Peralta / Doha, Qatar)
  • Australia (Newcastle)                                                                             (Zsolt Balogh, New Castle, Australia)
  • Europe (Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Aachen, Leeds, Rome)           (Roman Pfeifer / Zurich Switzerland)
  • North/South America (Montreal, Pittsburgh)                               (Cyril Mauffrey / Denver, USA)        
                                                                                                                             (Boris Zelle / San Antonio,USA)                                    

Steering Board Members Profile


Luca Fattori


➤ Consultant  – Dept of Surgery and Emergency


➤ Head of Surgical Intensive Care Unit

➤ Specialised Doctor- Surgeon

➤ Specialization Degree – Thoracic Surgery,

     General Surgery and

     Emergency Surgery


➤ Lecturer

➤ Member of ESTES and  Polytrauma Course Steering


➤ Author and co-author in 100+ scientific publications

Rebecca Hasler


Hasler Rebecca

Radko Komandina


➤ National coordinator of national action group of Bone

     and Joint Decade project (organized by WHO) and

     BJD-WHO Ambassador

➤ Founder and first President of the Spine Society of


➤ President of the Slovenian Medical Association

➤ Founding member of Slovenian Medical Academy

➤ Member of Advisory council of European Society for

     Trauma and Emergency Surgery (EAC ESTES)

➤ Chair Section for Skeletal Trauma and Sport Injuries

     of ESTES, as well as the Executive board ESTES

➤ Member of the European Academy of Science and Art


Gleb Korobushkin


➤ Head – Traumatology and Orthopedics Department

     of the National Medical Research Center of

     Traumatology and Orthopedics Priorov

➤ Professor – Russian State Medical University,

     Department of Traumatology, Orthopedic Surgery

     and Military Medicine

➤ Professor and Head of Trauma Unit, City Clinical

     Hospital Pirogov, Moscow, Russia

➤ Associate professor, Ph.D., M.D

➤  Vice-president of Russian foot and ankle society

➤ Member of ESTES

➤ Member of American Academy of Orthopedic


➤ Member of Society for Traumatologists and

     Orthopedic Surgeon for Moscow and Moscow Region

Foto Korobushkin
Aitor Landaluce

Aitor Landaluce Olavarria


➤ Member of the European Society for Trauma and

     Emergency Surgery since June 2013.

➤ Spanish surgeon association. Trauma and  

     emergency Section, member since June 2014.

➤ Spanish surgeon association. Minimally invasive

     Section, member since January 2015.

➤ Member of spanish reducción de la tasa de infección

     quirúrgica group February 2003- Noviembre 2004


Diego Mariani


➤ Member of Italian Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (SICUT)

➤ Member of ESTES (European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery)

   – ESTES Emergency Surgery Section, Committee member

   – ESTESVisceral Trauma Section, member

   – ESTES Social Media Group, member

➤  Founder of MUSEC (Modular UltraSound ESTES Course) working group

➤  2012 Co-Founder of “Echoes”, no-profit association for the development            and sharing point of care ultrasound philosophy among Surgeons and                Intesive Care Physicians.


Mariani Diego
Peralta Ruben

Ruben Peralta


➤ Deputy Trauma Medical Director

➤ Professor & Director Trauma, Emergency and Surgery Critical Care

➤ Fellowship Program Academy of Master Surgeon Educators

➤ Senior Consultant – Surgery, Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care


➤ Chair of HMC Surgery Corporate Quality & Patient Safety Program

➤ Associate Director of Trauma Intensive Care Unit

➤ Hamad General Hospital & Hamad Medical Corporation


François Pitance


➤ Granted the degree of Anaesthesiology and Intensive care physician with

    Summa Cum Laude

➤ Since 2010 

    – Anesthesiology and Intensive care, CHR Liège 
    – Bleeding and trauma care

➤ Since 2014

    – Medical Director of Prehospital Trauma Life Support Belgium
    – Coordinator, Traumacenter Liège.

➤ Since 2016

    – Course Director, European trauma course.
    – Medical Director Tactical NAEMT Belgium (TECC, TCCC)



Pitance Francois
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Hans-Peter Simmen


➤ Board certified Swiss Medical Association (FMH):

     General surgery (1987)

     General surgery including trauma surgery (2003)

     Visceral surgery (2003)

➤ Head, department of surgery, Spital Oberengadin, Samedan May 1997 –

     Sept. 2008 (medical director 1999 – 2003)

➤ President of the Association of surgeons in the Canton of Grison, 2003 –


➤ Chairman Swiss Trauma Board since 2015

➤ Clinical appointment Head, Division of Traumatology,

     Department of Surgery, University Hospital Zürich (until Feb. 2017)

➤ Professor emeritus since March 2017


Hans-Christoph Pape


➤  Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Allgemeinchirurgie und Traumatologie

      (SGACT) 2020

➤  Swiss Society of Spinal Surgery (SGS) 2020

➤ Honors     

     -Innovation Prize 2020, AO Foundations, Davos, Switzerland

     -Publications of the Year: Blunt Cerebrovascular Artery Injury and Stroke in

       Severely Injured Patients: An Internaitonal Multicenter Analysis, World J.

       Surg (2018)

➤  Books and Publications:

    -Polytrauma management. Springer, 2018

    -Damage control management in the polytrauma patient (2nd Edition).

      Springer, 2017


MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

Roman Pfeifer


➤ Ass. Prof. Dr. Roman Pfeifer is Consultant of the Department of Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Zurich. His has performed his residency at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of  Aachen Medical Center, Germany (2010-2016), and was a participant of the BioMedical Exchange Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Pittsburgh, PA (2007-2008). He graduated from Hannover Medical School. 

➤ He is a delegate of SICOT (International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology) and member of the European Society for Trauma & Emergency Surgery (ESTES). He is a Fellow of the European Board of Surgery and chair of the Steering Board of the Polytrauma Course. 

➤ He is a peer reviewer of several journals (European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, European Journal of Medical Research, Cytokine, PlosOne).

➤ Roman Pfeifer is author or co-author of more than 100 publications and peer-reviewed journals.