Polytrauma Course (PTC)


After the widespread implementation of courses that cover the emergency treatment of severely injured patients (ATLS, ETC, DSTC), a course that covers the care during the entire hospitalization was missing. This is the goal of the Polytrauma Course (PTC).

PTC is an interdisciplinary course that aims to combine the knowledge of general surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic trauma surgeons, intensivists, and emergency physicians. Moreover, this course covers the entire management of a polytraumatized patient (rescue, emergency room, ICU, ward, rehabilitation).

PTC is led an international group of experts and certified for quality management.

It covers lectures, case discussions, and practical exercises, depending on the modules selected the participant.

The PTC App (available for iPhone and Android) provides a quick and compact overview of surgical knowledge helpful for the management of severely injured patients.

We hope that you will enjoy the group teaching and discussions in one of our international courses.

The next Polytrauma Course will take place in:

  • 14.-15.09.2023 (Zürich)
  • November 2023 SICOT (Cairo)

Endorsed by:




Department of Trauma Surgery

University of Zurich

Rämistr. 100, 8091 Zurich, Switzerland

Email  : info@polytraumacourse.com