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About the Polytraumacourse

Similar to the other groundbreaking courses, which revolutionized the initial trauma care in emergency rooms, there arose a pressing need to address the intricacies of the shock room phase in treating serious injuries, a topic often subject to contentious debate. Originating from a collaboration between Prof. Pape (formerly of University Aachen and Hannover) and Prof. Giannoudis of the University of Leeds, the Polytrauma Course sought to bridge the expertise of diverse disciplines—including visceral surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and intensivists—to enhance the standard of care. Subsequently, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, under Prof. Peitzman's guidance, joined as a partner. Notably, the Polytrauma Course implemented a rigorous quality management system, validated through external evaluation by 05/2014 and accredited under ISO 9001:2008/2015 standards. Since its inception in 2002, over 30 international courses have been conducted globally, garnering endorsements from numerous surgical societies and international conferences.


The Polytraumacourse covers content from the injury site to rehabilitation

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Following the widespread adoption of courses addressing the initial emergency treatment of severely injured patients (such as ATLS, ETC, DSTC, and so on), a crucial gap remained in the educational landscape: comprehensive care throughout hospitalization. Addressing this need is the primary objective of the Polytrauma Course (PTC). PTC stands as an interdisciplinary program, amalgamating expertise from general surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic trauma surgeons, intensivists, and emergency physicians. Encompassing the entirety of polytrauma patient management—from rescue and emergency room procedures to ICU, ward, and rehabilitation protocols—PTC ensures a holistic approach to care. Led by an international cadre of seasoned professionals and certified for quality management, the course features lectures, case discussions, and hands-on exercises tailored to participants' chosen modules. Moreover, the PTC App, available for both iPhone and Android devices, furnishes a concise repository of surgical knowledge indispensable for managing severely injured patients. We invite you to partake in the enriching group teachings and stimulating discussions offered in our international courses.